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Transformative Payment Solution from Maybank, Debia and Inputronics.

Attention: Business Owners and Merchants

Revolutionise Your Payment System with Cutting-Edge Solutions from Maybank, Debia, and Inputronics!

Maximise your business potential with our transformative payment solution, a powerful collaboration between Maybank, Debia, and Inputronics.

Key Features:

• Comprehensive Payment Options: Accept Visa, MasterCard, QR payments, e-wallets, and BNPL.

• Enhanced Customer Experience: Offer a seamless payment experience with multiple options.

• Security and Reliability: Protect your transactions with robust security measures and reliable hardware.

• Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrate our solution into your operations.

• Streamlined Operations: Boost your sales and efficiency with faster transaction times.

• Advanced Payment Devices: Experience smooth and reliable transactions with state-of-the-art technology.



• Attract more customers with a wide range of payment options.

• Improve customer satisfaction through faster and more convenient payments.

• Enhance your brand image as a forward-thinking business.

• Increase sales by embracing BNPL solutions.

• Reduce transaction costs and streamline operations.


Contact Us Today:

Join forces with Maybank, Debia, and Inputronics to elevate your business transactions. Our experienced team is ready to assist you.


Contact Information:

• Maybank Customer Support: +65 6550 7606 /

• Debia Customer Support: +65 6612 6213 /

• Inputronics Customer Support: +65 6271 2866 /

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your business. Partner with us now and experience the future of payments!

Digital Payments in One-Single-Terminal
Partnership Maybank, Debia and Inputronics

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